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Erin Brockovich
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Erin Brockovich

Julia Roberts stars in this legal drama based on the story of a woman who helped win the largest settlement ever paid in a direct-action lawsuit. Erin Brockovich (Roberts) is a single mother of three who, after losing a personal injury lawsuit, asks her lawyer, Ed Masry (Albert Finney), if he can help her find a job. Ed gives her work as a file clerk in his office, and she runs across some information on a little-known case filed against Pacific Gas and Electric. Erin begins digging into the particulars of the case, convinced that the facts simply don't add up, and persuades Ed to allow her to do further research; in time, she discovers a systematic cover-up of the industrial poisoning of a city's water supply, which threatens the health of the entire community.

Release date:  2000
Genre:  Biography, Drama
Country:  USA
Duration:  2h 11min

Director:  Steven Soderbergh

Actors:  Julia Roberts, Albert Finney, David Brisbin, Dawn Didawick, Valente Rodriguez, Conchata Ferrell, George Rocky Sullivan, Pat Skipper

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