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First Knight
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First Knight

Lancelot lives by the sword. In fact, they're next door neighbors, so teaming up to fight for money comes pretty naturally. Lady Guinevere, on her way to marry King Arthur is ambushed by the evil Sir Malagant. Fortunately, Lancelot is lurking nearby and he rescues his future Queen. They fall in love, but Guinevere still fancies the idea of wearing a crown, so she honors her promise to Arthur.

Release date:  1995
Genre:  Action, Adventure, Romance
Country:  USA, UK
Duration:  2h 14min

Director:  Jerry Zucker

Actors:  Sean Connery, Richard Gere, Julia Ormond, Ben Cross, Liam Cunningham, Christopher Villiers, Christopher Villiers, Colin McCormack, Ralph Ineson

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