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Luke Vaughn works in a Casino run by his old friend, the much feared Francis 'The Pope' Silva. Vaughn's daughter is bed ridden and in need of surgery, which he is unable to afford and out of desperation, agrees to rob Silva's casino along with an impulsive Jason Cox who works at the Casino too. They execute their plan, but their getaway is botched and they end up hijacking Bus 657 with hostages - a move that triggers events with dire consequences.

Release date: 2015
Genre:  Action, Crime, Thriller
Country:  USA
Duration:  1h 33min

Director:  Scott Mann

Actors:  Robert De Niro, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Dave Bautista, Kate Bosworth, Gina Carano, Morris Chestnut, Lydia Hull, Mark-Paul Gosselaar, D.B. Sweeney

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