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Message in a Bottle
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Message in a Bottle

Who meets by Fate, shall be sealed by Fate. Theresa Osborne is running along the beach when she stumbles upon a bottle washed up on the shore. Inside is a message, reading the letter she feels so moved and yet she felt as if she has violated someone's thoughts. In love with a man she has never met, Theresa tracks down the author of the letter to a small town in Wilmington, two lovers with crossed paths. But yet one can't let go of their past.

Release date:  1999
Genre: Drama, Romance
Country:  USA
Duration:  2h 6min

Director:  Luis Mandoki

Actors:  Kevin Costner, Robin Wright, Paul Newman, John Savage, Illeana Douglas, Robbie Coltrane, Jesse James, Bethel Leslie

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