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Pitch Black
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Pitch Black

When the transport ship "Hunter-Gratzner" is hit by a meteor shower, the pilot Carolyn Fry is awaken from the cryogenic sleep and tries to control the vessel with forty passengers. She is forced to release a module and only Carolyn; the bounty hunter William J. Johns; the religious Abu "Imam" al-Walid; the dealer Paris P. Ogilvie; Sharon 'Shazza' Montgomery; the runaway teenager Jack; John 'Zeke' Ezekiel; Suleiman; Hassan); Ali; and the dangerous criminal Richard B. Riddick survive. Riddick escapes and Johns scares the survivors telling how dangerous he is. The group is stranded in the desert and find that place is heated by three suns and they team-up to seek for water and supplies. Soon they discover that there are under siege of flesh eating aliens that attack in the darkness; further, the planet will be pitch black with a total eclipse. They conclude that it is not with Riddick that they have to be worried about.

Release date:  2000
Genre:  Horror, Sci-Fi
Country:  USA, Australia
Duration:  1h 49min

Director:  David Twohy

Actors:  Radha Mitchell, Cole Hauser, Vin Diesel, Keith David, Lewis Fitz-Gerald, Claudia Black, Rhiana Griffith

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