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The Crying Game
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The Crying Game

Jody, a British soldier on leave, is abducted by the IRA, and held captive outside of Belfast. He is to be used in a prisoner exchange, but the IRA will kill him if need be. Among his captors are Jude, the sexual bait used to lure him, and Fergus, an IRA volunteer who will act as one of his main guards. Through their contact, Jody and Fergus become as close as friends as they can be under the circumstances, and despite both knowing, deep in their hearts, that Jody will most-likely not survive this situation barring an unseen intervention. That friendship is fostered because Jody can sense that Fergus basically has a good heart, from which he cannot run regardless of the situation. Jody's imprisonment does not end quite the way that any of Jody, Fergus or Jude had envisioned. Based on what happens, Fergus decides to go into hiding by moving to London and assuming a new name, Jimmy. But his move to London is primarily to meet Jody's girl, Dil, of who Jody spoke with reverence and care. In the process of being Dil's protector in Jody's absence, Fergus falls for Dil, and visa versa. But Fergus will learn of a fundamental aspect of Dil which may change how he feels for her, and how he interacts with her. In addition, Fergus' IRA past may catch up with him, which may further affect how he wants and decides to interact with Dil. Conversely, Dil may change her mind about "Jimmy" if she finds out about "Fergus".

Release date:  1992
Genre:  Crime, Drama, Romance
Country:  UK, USA, Japan
Duration:  1h 52min

Director:  Neil Jordan

Actors:  Stephen Rea, Jaye Davidson, Forest Whitaker, Miranda Richardson, Adrian Dunbar, Breffni McKenna, Joe Savino, Birdy Sweeney, Andrée Bernard

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