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The Remains of the Day
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The Remains of the Day

It is the late 1950s and, due to the death of Lord Darlington (James Fox), Darlington Hall has just been bought by Jack Lewis (Christopher Reeve), an American. On the staff of the hall is the head butler, James Stevens (Sir Anthony Hopkins). Through his eyes we see the what took place in the hall over the last twenty-five years or so, including the lead-up to World War II, Stevens' undying devotion to his job and master and his relationship with the housekeeper, Miss Kenton (Dame Emma Thompson).

Release date:  1993
Genre:  Drama, Romance
Country:  USA, UK
Duration:  2h 14min

Director:  James Ivory

Actors:  Anthony Hopkins, Emma Thompson, John Haycraft, Christopher Reeve, Caroline Hunt, James Fox, Peter Vaughan, Paula Jacobs, Ben Chaplin, Hugh Grant

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